Special Talks


As part of the upcoming Medicine Buddha Retreat:  Transformation and Healing, there will be two talks given by Theodore Tsaousidis as part of the retreat: Friday March 30th 7:30 pm, Healing Power of Visualization and Mantra

When we chant and do visualizations, we use our voice and our mind as a vehicle to cultivate a quality of physical, emotional and mental well being. These benefits are not dependent on having any special ability of voice or mind. Everyone is capable. All that is required is sincerity and clear intention to help ourselves and others. Our sincere efforts are a reflection of our innate power and wholeness.

March 31st 7:30 pm, Illness and Health: Causes and Conditions and the Practice of Medicine Buddha

Illness springs from physical, environmental, psychological and spiritual disharmony. The practice of Medicine Buddha supports us in minimizing or eliminating the impact of illness and disease by mirroring our own true nature which is whole, complete, powerful, lacking nothing.

These two talks will include a practice component with a Q & A following.

Location: Best Western Inn On The Bay, 1800 2nd Ave. East, Owen Sound, N4K 5R1 (Google Maps link)