Mindfulness Meditation in Brief

Why Meditate?

By  Theodore Tsaousidis

     Meditation is the cultivation of stillness through disciplined practice, which enables us to enter into a space of pure observation or awareness. Interestingly, this pure awareness that we cultivate, helps us begin to see our “true nature”, “God nature”, “higher consciousness”, or whatever one wishes to name it.  Ultimately, this pure awareness is recognized as oneness, non-separation or interdependence of all things. We meditate because knowledge alone of this awareness is not enough.

We also meditate to develop the ability to hold concentration long enough to observe the truth or clarity of our present experience.  Is what we think and feel really what is going on or are we creating a “story” about our experience?  As we meditate, we begin to see more clearly the nature of our sensations, emotions and thoughts.  This clarity results in the ability to let go of rigid mental concepts (such as negative thoughts and beliefs) and to let go of rigidity and stiffness of the body.  Most times we hold our negative experiences and perceptions in our bodies, and both the rigidity of the mind and body work together to create illness.

In short, meditation is the journey of seeing our true identity and the healing of our mind-body.  This experience of stillness is everyone’s inheritance.  May all of us find stillness.

Copyright 2009    Theodore Tsaousidis